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The Canvas Academy


Are you looking to join the team but have no experience in the industry? Do you have a bit of experience, and want to polish it? Or you looking to learn a new skill that can give you a CAREER? You've found the right place. At The Canvas Academy we provide you guys with the full A-Z in whatever course/seminar you enrolled in. Our team of instructors with many years of experience will be guiding you through the safety, sanitation, ethics, costumer service, knowledge, physical application, and MARKETING! 

There are may different courses/seminars depending one what level you're at. Each course has it's own curriculum made by us, inspired by us & other internationally-known artists. The Fees include all the in-class time, application time, a textbook, and the tools you need to complete the course. 

For more information give us an email at: or send us a DM on our Instagram @thecanvasinc.

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